• About the beauty of the Loddon nature reserve

    Loddon Nature Reserve is an area in the south of England, on the lower Loddon Valley in Hampshire. It’s mostly made up of farmland, with very few tiny villages. This area has picturesque landscapes and great views, with beautiful country lanes dotted with old trees. The farmland features hedgerows and lots of wildlife, including badgers […]

  • Brief history of the Holy Trinity Church in Loddon

    A ceremonial county in England, Norfolk attracts people with large medieval churches. Its small Loddon town is characterized by the Holy Trinity church built during the medieval ages. These churches emerged from rivalries between parishes on who could build the biggest church, with many being financed by the wealth obtained from the wool industry.

  • How do I get from Loddon to London?

    A trip from Loddon in Norfolk to London takes you through several top attraction spots. Norfolk is famous for its green scenery, rich heritage, and pictorial villages. Also, there are significant stopovers like the Dinosaur Adventure, Cambridge, and Woodbridge. Likewise, London takes pride in striking landmarks like Tower Bridge and Big Ben.